Friday, June 5, 2009

Deborah Jack and Teri Gandy Richardson at Wilmer Jennings Gallery, NY

Deborah Jack, from the evidence series (2008)

Jack writes: "The evidence series deals with the re/construction of spaces out of re/memory and the ephemeral quality of memory when applied to a tangible object such as the landscape. We move on through history with our man made efforts to forget but the land remains. The photos were all taken on St. Martin and seek to illustrate a moment that is fleeting like the tickle of a memory in waiting."

Teri Gandy Richardson, Squeeze (2008)

Richardson writes about this work: "Blue Cotton is the result of my exploration and conflicted expression regarding denim and its origins. While this body of work celebrates the material itself, it also symbolically intends to pay homage to the workers of industry who perform jobs that prove detrimental to them. With much concern for references to, and honor for the historical context of denim, I embrace the evidence and intimate details representing the human experience that are both enhanced and left behind by those who have literally ‘worn’ my recycled garments. The complete embodiment of this earthy and very human material compels me to make artistic use of it and its many properties."

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