Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Saturday, September 26: Seize the Pen: A Writing Workshop for Women with Dr. Marva McClean

Seize the Pen & Explore the Artist Within
A Workshop of Empowerment for Women
Diaspora Vibe Gallery
When: Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009, 12-3pm
Presenter: Dr. Marva McClean

A participative workshop where we come together, engaging in diverse writing stages, exploring the impact of history and family life on the unique development of ourselves. Participants will produce empowering products such as journals, essays, memory books, poetry, and photo journals.

Session One – Telling Our Stories in Our Own Words

• Write to discover themselves & investigate their capacity, expressing
their inner selves in diverse ways, sharing anguish and joy that are indelible parts of life’s journey

• Explore creative/artistic ways to share and harvest the gifts we carry

• Explore crossing borders, challenging colonial and post colonial conceptions of who we are, re-writing notions of friendship, power and success

Session Two - My Other Selves
Use photos and personal objects as cues, exploring multiple positions women assume and occupy as citizens in a community - mother, daughter, partner, parent, friend, grandmother, godmother, aunt. We will seek answers to the questions: What are the selves we nurture, or ignore? How do we sustain and energize our multiple selves, staying true to ourselves?

• Investigate photos as voice
• Interrogate creative ways of disrupting censorship and taboos relating
to our gender and religious, political, ethnic and sexual selves
• Investigate the spiritual dimensions of self expression and identity

REGISTER by contacting Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator
3938 North Miami Avenue,
Miami, FL 33127
ph 305-573-4046

Suggested contribution: $50 per participant as a fundraiser for Diaspora Vibe Gallery, which has, and continues playing an integral role in the development of our arts community, providing a place of artistic expression and empowerment for all.

Please share the workshop with other friends and colleagues. If you are unable to attend, please offer support by contributing and/or sponsoring a friend, especially a young [er] lady.

(credit cards, pay pal, checks and cash accepted)

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