Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diaspora Vibe Gallery presents Alexis Caputo's Souled Out

Souled Out
Dance, spoken word, poetry
Date: Friday, March 26
Time: 7:30 pm
Where: Diaspora Vibe Gallery
Cost: Donations accepted

Souled Out examines slavery and its by-products through memory, dialogue, poetry, spoken word and dance (movement). As writer and performer, Caputo declares and documents the parallels of slavery and the arguable concept of freedom. It challenges and begs the question of what freedom is on multiple levels. Choreographers Michelle Grant-Murray and Luctricia Welters support the life of the piece, beautifully with their personal translations of the spoken and written word.

“Again and again, the assembly is to redefine, shape shift, and use the voice and body as a vehicle to revisit the past, speak to the present and cultivate a language for self with lucid markers to deflect concepts of how I am seen as a woman. I believe “women can write/right the future”, says Alexis. Souled Out highlights walls that are erected like clockwork regarding self-identification and demarcation. This piece ushers time frames in periods of seven years, signifying the number of life renewal cycles and skin shedding. Each cycle speaks to the space one is in and the life and location of fresh assaults on identity. At the forefront, the right to education is addressed and the irony of battling imposed stereotypes and social constructs. Women of color will certainly be able to connect with the piece, recognize our creative differences and our collective power through identifying the sources of agitation or disruption in the anchors in our lives.

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