Thursday, May 2, 2013

ReadyTex Art Gallery presents Kurt Nahar this week

This week, the featured artist at Surinamese Gallery ReadyTex Art is Kurt Nahar.

Nahar’s work focuses on current social and political affairs in his native country, Suriname. Inspired mostly by the Dadaism movement, he gives simple objects of daily life new purposes, by the use of different techniques and materials, such as acrylic paint and collages.

His latest work consists of a series of daring and provocative three dimensional art installations and mixed media paintings on hardboard and paper. Incorporated into all of these works of art, the artist also displays his poetic talent.

With a strong social and political narrative, Nahar hopes to stimulate discussion and awareness through his art. The revolution of December 1980, The Moiwana massacre, the increasing influx of western modern influences are some of the subjects present in his pieces.

“As an artist it is not my intention to simply create a pretty picture, because I have a greater purpose in mind. Through my art and poems I hope to contribute to raising the consciousness of the general public and to encourage discussions regarding those rather forgotten but so important subjects”, he says.

About ReadyTex Art Gallery

Readytex Art is the leading privately owned retailer of Surinamese fine visual art and crafts. Their store is located in the heart of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.

Their Craft Department started around 1984 and has since grown to match the productivity and the growth of the local market for craft.

The Art Gallery has been part of the Readytex concept since 1993 and has spearheaded an explosion of creative development in Suriname's visual art world, enabling artists to add to their income by having their art professionally marketed. They are committed to contribute with the growth and development of Surinamese art and artists through a market oriented approach and promotion locally and internationally.

Some of Kurt Nahar’s pieces can be purchased at Readytex Art website:

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