Friday, April 3, 2009

Jamaica Day Two

Our day began with a visit to the art collection of Wain Iton. We had the pleasure of witnessing a collection of works that spans over fifty years.

by Carl Abrams

a mural in the collection

Patricia Owen

Rosie and Lorna in the Iton collection

Erman in the Iton home

Deborah Jack

Following our visit to the Iton collection, we have an intense discussion about Caribbean visual art archives. What is the currency of art, what is the responsibility of the artist, the nation, the outsider, insider? What is reclaimed, what is lost, found? What is the legacy? Who and how is the archive compiled?

We return to Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts for more studio visits.

a view of the CAGe (College Art Gallery at Edna Manley College)

Student Lisa Golding dyes fabric which she will later print designs upon.

Lisa Golding shares her fabric samples with Marie Segree.

The Edna Manley Ceramics Studios

Jean Chiang speaks with Edna Manley Ceramic Artist Nicole Winter.

Artist Jean Chiang, Petrona Morrison, Director, Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, and Margaret Chen, Artist and Edna Manley Sculpture Faculty

Artist Joelle Salkey in her studio at Edna Manley College.

Joelle makes elegant use of the leaves from the 'Poor Man's Orchid'.

Artist Joelle Salkey

Erman, Deborah Jack, Veerle Poupeye (author of 'Caribbean Art') and Rosie Gordon-Wallace

Poupeye's groundbreaking Caribbean Art

Veerle Poupeye and Rosie Gordon-Wallace


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