Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Reception

The Living Sculpture exhibition at Revolution Gallery in Kingston featuring Jamaican artists and Diaspora Vibe Gallery artists:

Beverly Anderson Manley, former First Lady of Jamaica

Norma Harrack, Ceramicist, Faculty Edna Manley College with Rosie Gordon-Wallace

works by Ermán

Ricardo Allicock, former Consul-General to the Southern United States

Eglantine Buchanan Gordon and Ronald Horsham

Carol and Diane

Mazola wa Mwashigadi speaks about his installation at the reception

Mazola wa Mwashigadi's outdoor installation

Musician Gordon Myers

Jean Chiang in front of her work

Petrona Morrison and Rodney Jackson

Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Urban Culturalist Jenni Lewin-Turner

Jacquenette Arnette


Danny Ramirez, Marie Segree

Lisa Lindo, Garfield Morgan and Shelley Ann McFarlane

Benari Kamau's painting

Marie Segree in front of her installation

Rosie Gordon-Wallace and Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Norma Harrack, Ceramicist, Nicole Winter, Ceramicist, David Dunn, Ceramicist and Faculty, Edna Manley College

Hope Brooks, Artist and Vice Principal Academic and Technical Studies, Edna Manley College and Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Gilou Bauer and Rosie Gordon-Wallace

Eglantine Buchanan Gordon presents Edna Manley College student and ceramicist, Nicole Winter with the inaugural 'Eglantine Buchanan Gordon Scholarship for Excellence in the Arts'.
Also pictured, Marlon Hill, Esq.

Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Petrona Morrison, Annie Hamilton

Photographer Indygo Williams


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