Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Low Lives 3 showcases the work of video artists from around the world

Diaspora Vibe Gallery is pleased to announce Low Lives 3, an international exhibition of live performance-based works transmitted over the web and projected in real-time at multiple venues around the world.

As a third-time venue host, Diaspora Vibe will collaborate with AE District with this presentation. These performances take place around the globe, and will be streamed online and screened for public viewing at AE District, 3852 N. Miami Ave, on Friday, April 29 from 8-11 pm and Saturday, April 30 from 3-6 pm. Admission is free. The Low Lives 3 event will be viewable online at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/low-lives-3

Founded in 2009 by artist and independent curator Jorge Rojas, the annual Low Lives exhibition highlights works that critically investigate, challenge, and extend the potential of performative practices. The project celebrates the transmission of ideas beyond geographical and cultural borders, offering global audiences the opportunity to consider live performance in both physical and virtual space.

By organizing performances at numerous venues and then broadcasting them via online networks, Low Lives provides a new model for efficiently presenting, viewing, and archiving live performance-based art. The annual exhibition embraces low-tech aesthetics, such as low pixel images and muddled sound quality, to emphasize the raw, inquisitive quality of the broadcast and reception of the works.

Low Lives is not simply about the presentation of performative gestures at a particular place and time,” Rojas explains, “it is also about the transmission of these moments and what gets lost, conveyed, blurred, and reconfigured when utilizing this medium.”

[Update!]: Here are some clips from the Low Lives 3 online exhibition, via Jorge Rojas' Vimeo

"Heel2 suggests a multiplication of the primary symbol; the stiletto heel, with all of the intrinsic cultural meaning/baggage that comes with it. The image and sound of the heels are played out through the dual video display and manipulated sonic repetitions. Although in close proximity, the performers remain physically disconnected; all contact is electronic rather than tactile."
"Gatherings explores the substance of time and how it reveals itself within our frame of perception. Through a sequence of repeated actions that expand inside the chronological container of five minutes, Gatherings reshapes measured time through the force of intervention."

"Prospective time has been the central concern of my work since 1978. The 1000 Years From Now theme has been explored using dates, lists of names, performances, figurative and non- figurative paintings combined with TV sets and slivers of mirror that record, reflect and trigger thoughts about the passing of time for centuries to come."

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